UseDem Collaboration With Hunger Gatherer To Make Upcycled Aprons

Xenia, UseDem Founder:

“This is about industry transformation so that everyone can benefit and grow through this collaboration. We do this by reducing consumption, maintaining value and quality of our products. We do all this in a team setting to build a community of consciousness. UseDem upcycled fabric leftovers from factories into aprons for the Hunter Gatherer team. With every apron that is made from pre-existing fabric, we have saved about 10,000 liters of water. Isn’t that fantastic?”

This project has been done primarily in cooperation with Home Sweet Home, UseDem’s partner factory. Home Sweet Home gives training and employment to people with special needs or disabilities. To be able to also create work for the community through this project makes us even more proud. The uniqueness of each apron gives a special emotional attachment to the Hunter Gatherer team members.

Xenia, UseDem Founder:

“We are very open to collaborate with other companies and chase goals together working towards sustainable and ethical business. UseDem can use textile waste, products that didn’t pass quality control in the factory, and leftover textile stock from shops. Each brand receives a unique story, and a one of a kind product to present to customers.”

Hunter Gatherer team:

“Several months ago, when we started planning the next evolution of Hunter Gatherer's team uniform we naturally thought of UseDem as a partner. Together we had the idea of designing a collection of Hunter Gatherer aprons made entirely from used denim; turning wasted fabric and water back into something functional and beautiful. After several months of design and production, we're finally ready to go!”

UseDem partner with a factory operated by Home Sweet Home, a Shanghai-based nonprofit that helps the homeless and disabled get jobs through training and education programs, to produce some of her upcycled products. In one year, Usedem saves about 500 pairs of jeans from landfills — that’s equivalent to saving about 5,5 million liters of water!

Discovering new ways to practice sustainability is incredibly rewarding and we're very excited to launch this project in our stores. Hunter Gatherer’s love for these “reborn” jeans goes far beyond just looks—sustainability and reducing waste are important to us and we believe that every eco-friendly step we take can make a difference.

HG Co Founder Ben Moor:

“We have been extremely excited to work with UseDem on this project. For us it’s pretty simple, in anything we do we are always looking for ways to do something better or more interesting than what is easy or expected. And we always try to keep our values in mind. We challenge ourselves and each other like this every day. It’s part of our brand. We are always thinking about how to do things a bit better, even if it’s hard. Actually, especially if it’s hard.

We’ve known Xenia for a while and have collaborated a little bit in the past. When it came time for us to re-design our team uniform we had this idea with her and it really inspired us. Xenia is a very talented designer and shares our values for living and working sustainably. It was an obvious choice for us to work together. It’s great to push our values beyond food into other areas of our life.

Finally, we are also extremely excited to be able to work with Home Sweet Home, UseDem’s current partner factory, to produce the aprons. Home Sweet Home gives employment to people with special needs or disabilities. To be able to also create work for the community through this project makes us even more proud of the project. Plus, every apron is made by hand! So amazing!

We’re super excited for our team to wear the new aprons every day. It’s a great reminder of the importance of community, thinking sustainably and adding the human touch.”

All UseDem items are produced in cooperation with the Chinese retired and disabled community. We work primarily with an organization called Home Sweet Home who provides people in need with the support and training, necessary to become employable as well as provide them a job.